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Client Case Study: Technology

Communicating the benefits of breakthrough technology in real terms – without the jargon - is one of our mantras.

“mWEBB came highly recommended as experts in the automotive industry - however it’s working with the mWEBB team that has so impressed me. They got us up and running incredibly quickly in the automotive sector, but it’s clear that they simply 'know PR' - regardless of vertical, mWEBB is able to communicate and deliver what reporters need. And their project management and client communication is stellar - they perform like an in-house agency.” — Muhammad Yasin, VP of Marketing, PERQ

PERQ are experts in online consumer engagement and behavior. Communicating and translating that into language that their audience understands (including potential clients and the media) is what they needed from a PR and communications agency. PERQ is focused on serving retailers and industries with a focus on high consideration goods, like automobiles, furniture, and rental units.


Initially, PERQ got in touch with mWEBB primarily for automotive expertise – as they had an aggressive plan to increase visibility among auto dealers, website providers and other potential 3rd party partners. mWEBB developed a plan to strategically use their unique data sets on consumer behavior, generating bylines, blogs and press releases using the data as a hook. The result has been numerous articles outlining how online car buyers behave and showing dealers that PERQ’s platform can turn an auto dealer’s website into its best salesperson.


The next vertical mWEBB tackled was retail furniture. PERQ recognized that, like a new car, a new sofa or bed is a high consideration item that demands a lot of research before a customer sets foot into a showroom. mWEBB applied the same principles it used with auto retailing to – using unique consumer data as a hook - to grow awareness with key furniture trades. Next up is growing the awareness of PERQ in the multifamily market.


In addition, to earned media representing an estimated ad equivalency of $3+ million, PERQ was also interested in garnering recognition for its team’s successes as well as its innovative culture/management. In 2017, mWEBB secured six product/business awards, including a Stevie Award and a 2017 Best in Biz Award, as well as B2B Innovator Award for marketing and the company won a Best Places to Work award. In addition, mWEBB secured multiple speaking engagements for PERQ executives in 2017.



  • Increased media visibility in auto and furniture verticals.

  • Greater message clarity and simplification.

  • 78% growth in clients in 2017.

  • Tripled revenues YOY.

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